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FAST™ Instructor Crossover - Virtual

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Class Description

The FAST Instructor Crossover with Skill Session is designed to recognize the previous training of American Red Cross instructors and/or those with current equivalent training from other organizations to allow these individuals to participate in an abbreviated instructor crossover course to become current American Red Cross First Aid for Severe Trauma instructors. Teaching Licensure/Certification is an acceptable pre-requisite enabling high-school teachers to deliver the FAST program to high schools or anyone under 19 for free. This virtual session requires each instructor candidate to purchase their own materials and equipment to be eligible to participate in this crossover course. Required Materials: • Gauze pads (each participant must have their own) • Latex-free disposable gloves (each participant must have their own pair) • Bleeding control trainer (each participant must have their own) - this can be as simple as a pool noodle • Windlass rod tourniquet or ratcheting tourniquet (each participant must have their own) • Skill Practice Sheet: Applying Direct Pressure (each participant must have their own) • Skill Practice Sheet: Using a Windlass Rod Tourniquet or Skill Practice Sheet: Using a Ratcheting Tourniquet (each participant must have their own) Skill Practice Sheets can be found on the Red Cross Learning Center under Instructor Candidate Resources.

  • 75 US dollars

Change and Cancellation Policy

Instructor-level classes may not be rescheduled or canceled, except for extenuating circumstances. The American Red Cross requires that instructor-level classes have a minimum number of students to meet the course objectives. As a result, allowing instructor candidates to reschedule or cancel their enrollment would compromise the ability to run the course. If a student cancels their enrollment, they will not be entitled to a refund or credit. Concurrently, in the event, an instructor-level class does not meet the minimum enrollment requirements, you will be given the option to reschedule to the next class, receive a credit, or recieve a refund to the original form of payment.

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