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Course Designations



Conducted virtually over a video conferencing platform. Having your own equipment is often necessary with these courses.

Eligible for CEUs through CAPCE


Upon application, this course qualifies for Continuing Education Units through the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE). Note: All other courses are eligible for CEUs; however, they are not accredited through CAPCE. Learn more about CEUs here.

Certification Eligible

In certain cases, certification of skills is a job requirement. For example, CPR/AED and First Aid certifications are required if you are an EMT or a designated emergency responder at your work. In other cases, Red Cross certification is a way of demonstrating that you are prepared for a wide range of emergencies – in your personal life and in activities such as coaching, youth organizations, etc.

This designation ensures the class you take is eligible for certification and is complient with workplace safety guidelines.



There is more than one class meeting and is delivered over several days or longer. This designation is typically reserved for curriculum programs (i.e., Emergency Medical Response, RTE, and Lifeguarding).



The purpose of a review course is to give individuals the opportunity to review the course content within a formal class setting. To be eligible to participate in a review course, the participant must possess a current American Red Cross certificate (or equivalent) for the course being conducted. Those without a certificate may not participate in the review course option.

Lifeguarding Review courses may be taken if the certificate is less than 30 days expired.



The purpose of a challenge course is to provide individuals the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skill competency outside of a formal class setting. Participants have sole responsibility to prepare for the knowledge and skills evaluations. Anyone is eligible to participate in a challenge. Individuals who do not possess current American Red Cross certificate(s) (or equivalent) may participate in the challenge option one time. If they do not pass the challenge, they should be referred to take full course. They are not permitted to attempt the challenge again. Individuals who hold current American Red Cross certificate(s) (or equivalent) may challenge as often as the courses are available and their certificate(s) remain valid.



Offered in an online-only format with no in-person portion.

Blended Learning


Includes an online portion and an instructor-led classroom skill session. The online portion must be completed before attending the in-class portion and must be taken on a PC or tablet with a high-speed Internet connection.



Entirely in-person training conducted by an experienced instructor.

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