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Basic Life Support Instructor

BLS 801




Instructor Candidates/Instructor Training


Healthcare Providers and Professional Rescuers


Basic Life Support Instructor

Delivery Option(s)

Web based/Classroom (Blended Learning)


Graded by Letter, Successful/Unsuccessful


The primary purpose of the American Red Cross Basic Life Support Instructor course is to train instructor candidates to teach the basic-level American Red Cross Basic Life Support course.


Instructor candidates in the American Red Cross Basic Life Support Instructor course must possess a current basic-level certification in Basic Life Support or equivalent. Email to determine eligibility.

Learning Objectives

After completing the course, instructor candidates will be able to: 

■ Exhibit the characteristics required of an American Red Cross representative and role model. 

■ Follow the directives and procedures related to the conduct and administration of American Red Cross courses, including the Instructor Agreement and Instructor Code of Conduct. 

■ Conduct courses in a manner that helps participants to stay engaged in the learning process and meet course objectives. 

■ Perform applicable basic life support (BLS) skills to the standard at instructor-level skill proficiency. 

■ Plan for and ensure participants’ health and safety during training. 

■ Maintain complete and accurate records and reports. 

■ Plan, organize and conduct the Basic Life Support course in accordance with Red Cross policies and procedures and the requirements of the specific class they will be teaching. 

■ Monitor participants’ practice, evaluate performance and provide corrective feedback and encouragement that is consistent with the skill assessment tools (i.e., skill practice sheets, practice scenarios and testing scenarios). 

■ Recognize that the requirements in the skill assessment tools are criteria for ascertaining the proficiency of a participant’s performance. 

■ Effectively use program materials and training equipment. 

■ Explain procedures for acknowledging course completion and accessing American Red Cross digital certificates. 

■ Deliver quality, consistent and standardized content by following the Basic Life Support instructor manual(s) and other program materials.

Other Course Details

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